It’s the eve of perpetual good guy BEN’s wedding to practically perfect in every way LISA, and he couldn’t be happier. But when his wild ex-girlfriend JULES suddenly appears and declares her love for him after leaving him in the lurch three years prior, Ben is faced with an unforeseen decision.

Desperately hoping to appease everyone, Ben ignores the urging of his brash yet well-meaning best man RACHEL, and neglects to immediately kick Jules and her eccentric bestie MARIA out of the house. When Ben’s fiancé LISA shows up, called to the scene by his oddball older brother BOBBY (who maybe didn’t think that phone call through), emotions amplify, and friendships begin to buckle under the strain. It takes Rachel literally slapping some sense into Ben for him to finally articulate that he is wholeheartedly, undeniably in love with Lisa, and is going to marry her tomorrow. But after a night of watching her relationship unravel before her eyes, Lisa gets the hard-earned final say.

Through a darkly comedic lens, WE ARE GATHERED HERE emphasizes the graciousness of friendship as it examines social expectations, teetering fragility, and the active struggle with obligatory self-possession that comes with each new marker of adulthood.